Spot the Error - 12th English

Spot the Error

1. The headmaster along with the teachers are conducting the examination

2. He is working since 8 AM

3. Do you need cold drink?

4. The buses often are late

5. I need your advise in this matter

6. He is one hour late

7. Vinoth picked a quarrel on me

8. Mr. Mohan is going through the most worst phase of his life

9. I am tired about walking

10. He will come on next Sunday

11. A sky is blue in colour

12. No sooner did the doctor gave me an injection than I became alright

13. We are having a son

14. I and Sheela attended the seminar last week

15. I had my evening meals in a restaurant

16. It is a ten miles walk

17. Those three girls love each other

18. The Tamil people prefer English than Hindi

19. After the complicated surgery, The patient hoped of complete recovery

20. If I worked hard, I will pass

21. We go to school on bus

22. It is the best of the two books

23. The patient died on Pneumonia

24. You are wiser than old

25. He is my cousin brother

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