Essay on Republic Day 2024

 Essay on Republic Day 2024: Short and Long Essays in English for 26 January

Republic Day Essay in English: 26th January 2024 will be celebrated as the 75th Republic Day in India. Just like the official procedure of the celebration, the event will cover important activities like the Republic Day parade where tableaus from different states of India are presented on the Kartavya Path in New Delhi. Since the day offers great pride and delight to all 140 crore Indians, everyone takes part in the process of celebrating the day with great enthusiasm. Even schools celebrate the day to impart the right knowledge to students. Various activities and competitions are organized as a part of the celebration and the essay competition is one such main event. Here, students can find long and short essays on Republic Day in English. But, before diving into the essays, let us first understand why republic Day is celebrated and what makes 26th January special for India

Why is Republic Day Celebrated? 

On 26th January 1950, the constitution of India came into effect thus separating us from the dominion rule of the British Raj, and ever since the day is celebrated as Republic Day in the country. A nation stands and abides by its constitution and the values it embarks upon, thus making it the most important document for a nation. To celebrate the victory of independence and separation of our country from the vicious rule of the British Raj, to commemorate the constitution that was built for Indians and by Indians, the day holds immense value for all Indians. And it becomes our duty to respect, protect, and celebrate our constitution and this day with all our hearts. 

Essay on Republic Day in English 

Here, students can find various essays on Republic Day in English. These essays can be used by students and children in their examinations, competitions, and various events. However, we would like to advise you to use these essays as a source of inspiration. It is always better to create your own piece of writing and let your creative juices flow in such situations.

Sample Essay on Republic Day in English

26th January marks the Republic Day in India, making it an important day in the Indian calendar. In 1950, our nation adapted to the ratified constitution thus converting the nation from dominion to autonomous. The Constituent Assembly of India adopted the constitution in 1949 but it came into effect from 26th January 1950, thus marking it as the Republic Day of India. Since then, the day has been celebrated on the Kartavya Path in New Delhi. This year, India is going to celebrate its 75th Republic Day in 2024. 

The Republic Day Parade is the most important event of the day where all the officials of the nation gather on the Kartavya Path to witness the parade and hear the PM Speech. The state-wise tableau presentation also makes the parade an interesting appeal to the eye. It is the time when all the 140 crore Hindustanis sit in front of their TVs, glued to them with utmost pride in their hearts. All the states prepare a tableau for the Republic Day Parade and the best ones get selected for the final display. The tableaus are based on a theme pertaining to the authenticity and uniqueness of the state. For example: the UP Tableau in the 2023 Republic Day Parade showcased the most awaited Ram Mandir of Ayodhya in an impeccable manner. 

The day also wishes to recognize and commemorate the efforts of the law builders of the nation, such as B.R. Ambedkar along with the entire constituent assembly team. Since then the day has been declared as a national holiday. However, offices, schools, and colleges across the country celebrate the day within the vicinity of their respective places to pay tribute to the lawmakers of the nation. The unfurling of the flag, national anthem, parade, PM speech, air show (recently introduced), and more makes the activity interesting and important at the same time. 

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